Translating restaurant dishes through augmented reality.


See every item on the menu as it really looks!


  • It’s visual.

    Browse photos of dishes at nearby restaurants and see what looks good. We want to make finding good food as easy as looking in a bakery window.
  • New Feature: Scanner

    Does looking at a menu without any pictures confuse you? Just hit "Scan" while pointing your camera at the text of any menu item - you'll immediately see the most recent images thanks to our text recognition technology!
  • It’s about dishes, not just restaurants.

    Find whatever you’re craving, see what’s good at any restaurant and learn what other users, friends, and experts love wherever you go.
  • Dish of the day

    Restaurants can promote their businesses and tell a better story, post picture and videos, advertise discounted dishes of the day and more!
  • Recommend

    Recommend dishes by snapping photos or simply by liking them!
  • Mobile app for IOS users!

    We focused on Apple devices first. If you want us to add Android support - please let us know on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else!


Matt Johnson
“I love this idea, and requested Beta access, willing to share my feedback and help the product. Everything works well, and the recognition piece is surprisingly good. Waiting for it to go live!"
Michael Katz
"Perfect, now I can show people all of my food!!! Just kidding, I missed the Foodspotting app and I am happy to see a new, modern alternative. Will definitely use scanning feature next time I go to Italian restaurant. The app is great for showing some of the great choices and high-quality options of food in my area. Now this being said, please make sure it integrates well with Google Places or Yelp and shows me everything i need, reviews, prices etc"


Menusnap Inc

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